When designing or remodeling your home, whether you decide to create an eclectic living room, a modern or traditional one, you always have to take into consideration the little things like the objects that you use. For example, replace the old TV or the old console table. It’s simple and it’s not that unsaleingly and you can do that easily, without having to hire professionals. Rustic living room tables are extremely versatile and it all depends on the design you choose. The design you choose has to be based on functionality.

A very good example in this case would be the TV console table that usually remains eye-catching, simple and also versatile. In this case it has a minimalist design and rustic finish, a detail that says a lot about it. The console table is often used in living rooms, family rooms, offices and other similar spaces. In this case it was beautifully matched with a lovely plant, bringing the living room to life.

Rustic Living Room Table Sets An Industrial Tone For A Parisian Home Photo 2

The TV console table is usually used in living rooms. It’s the smaller versions of several such tables and they are all quite similar in design. However, if you want something special you should match the table to your favorite accent piece. For example, in this case there’s a nice combo for rainy reflections as much as it is beautiful. The dimensions of the console table are 39? wide x 18? deep x 6? tall. The console table is in this case not part of a tall piece of furniture. It’s basically just a long and narrow table that also has a light base. It has a light and airy overall look but without all the folds and corners.

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