All furniture is created by special moments of your interior design. Let’s take for example this very nice rustic table. It is perfect for a comfortable living room and it can be easily turned into a table, too. It is made of mango wood and has a very simple design. It is a creation of Pierre Ketchum.

He is an artist and he makes these tables the perfect rustic end table. It has a simple wood frame and it is a whole different kind of end table when you think about it. The mango wood seems to be vital to this end table, bringing natural light and warmth to all your gathering. The legs that support the top make the table easy to put down, as they come out in a very nice way and the top seems to have two possible locations. You can either choose to leave the mango wood as it is or to leave it natural and use the natural wood for the base.

A unique look is also given by this end table’s unique legs. The legs are wider than two narrower legs and they go all the way to the floor and not even through the top. The legs are wonderfully placed here, bringing some contrast and light and elegant to any room.

Rustic End Tables For Living Room Photo 3