This is the Alise sofa. It’s a very simple piece of furniture but also a very eye-catching piece of furniture. The Alise sofa is in fact a very eye-catching piece, in its own way, worthy of any other piece of furniture. The sofa seems to have a continuous design. It’s a rustic beauty but this is just an impression. The legs are made of black painted pine wood. It has a modular structure and this makes the sofa a great choice for several reasons.

The upholstery is available in either fabric or leather. Also, you can choose the color for the upholstery. Many years ago, Bertrand Guissin bought a piece of furniture from Ikea and started saying “What about the functionality of this product?”. That’s exactly in the same period when he started working at Guissin’s studio. After that theyFourteen stayed on the same track. They’ve decided to restore an original 19th century tailor shop and to turn it into a beautiful living room sofa.

The upholstery from the store was preserved and restored. The vintage item itself was reupholstered and its look underwent new life each time. The sofa has a minimalist design so it would complement any living room. It’s also the type of furniture that instantly impresses not just with its innovative features but also with the simple design and the color.

Rust Colored Living Room Furniture By Ibac Comportoli Photo 3

The sofa features a natural wood finish and this gives it a classy look. It’s also a very versatile piece of furniture. It’s easy to integrate in both modern and traditional homes, in waiting until someone else changes it, but not before this it’s been reupholstered. It’s usually easy to find the best condition in there, but in the case of this piece, I’m not sure it’s not going to be that easy to find a good reproduction. It’s a high quality piece of furniture with an elegant look that would look lovely in the living room, in the bedroom or any other space. It has its origins still intact, because it was inspired by the horse geys.

Rust Colored Living Room Furniture By Ibac Comportoli Photo 4