In case you’re familiar with the name and you didn’t know that this is a living room, the meaning of these two words is actually very well expressed. The project named Rust and the design you see here were both introduced by Trish O’Neill. They are a good example of how a space designed for receiving guests can turn out cozy and inviting.

The color palette you see here includes warm yellows, oranges and other soft golden tones such as studs and maybe even some grey. This ensures a very casual and comfortable interior design and decor which also feels warm and welcoming. The cushions don’t wick extra much energy or unnecessary materials or colors simply because they look beautiful. The goal was to turn this into a chic and modern living room and the design and the feeling in general are of modern and minimalist elements. Use these ideas as inspiration and combine modern furniture with classical elements and classical details.

You can see how a rust colored sofa can really change the mood and the decor of a living room. If the furniture is the same simple as in the picture, it will be easy to maintain the balance. Take a seat too just to see how cozy it will look on a warm and neutral rug. Or maybe you’d like to add a few seasonal touches to your home.{found on styleandsisal}.

Rust Color Paint Living Room By Trish O’Neill Photo 4