When decorating the living room it’s important to know exactly what you want and to set up a specific design. A modern living room is not usually very different from a traditional room, except maybe because of the choice of colors. If you want more elegance and glamour a simple and neutral choice would be better. Industrial furniture pieces can be equally impressive and chic and this combination of styles is a perfect one.

Simple industrial pieces with clean and simple lines and odd-ities are usually a good choice in modern living rooms. Also, a neutral color palette can usually solve that problem. Industrial decors are usually defined by the use of rough and raw materials such as metal, bricks, pipes or by ceiling molding details. This allows the walls to stand out and everything in between. This living room is a good example. It also includes a variety of small accessories such as a reclaimed wood shelf, some small vases in the corner of the coffee table and even a colorful painting displayed on the wall.

Even something as simple as a ceiling light or a simple pendant lamp can go out of style and it would make the room look more stylish and stand out without being too customized. Check out this lovely dining room setting which was shared on thediyshowoff and which features a combination of painted pine wood, brass and glass.

Royal Furniture Living Room Set Photo 5

Industrial-style light fixtures are particularly eye-catching because they have a simple and elegant look. This is a space shared on whipperberry, a short while away from including too much color. There’s a really nice contrast between the light fixture and the carpet which is also featuring a different color. Also, the table lamp sits closer to the ceiling so it has a nice effect.

Some industrial-style fixtures are actually more subtle than others so it’s great because they create the desired effect in a chic way. This nightstand for instance is nice and delicate and it matches the pendant lamp is the first place. The second one is a bit more steely. Another mirror is installed on the wall. The nightstand is simple but it’s also very interesting and interesting. It’s a combination of metal and glass features.

Speaking of simple interiors, check out this beautiful bedroom set designed by Saukkonen who also incorporates a stylish dining table, a stylish kitchen island with wheels, a sliding bed and this lovely hanging chair. The black and white combo is very stylish and gives the room a spacious look. The bed is black but there are also red and white accent details.

This is the interior of a bedroom created by Julieogether. From the palette of colors, to the textures and materials used, there’s an interior design that’s holistic, just the type of eclectic which makes spaces feel cozy.

The interior of this contemporary bedroom designed by intimacypark emphasizes a casual look. It’s actually quite simple but there are lots of textures that stand out, materials and finishes that work together to make this bedroom look special.

Tod Von Mertins also managed to bring some industrial appeal with this bedroom. Notice the wooden headboard and the exposed brick walls, the wooden floor and the massive black window treatment. It’s all very elegant but also very casual and modern.

For a contemporary bedroom, an industrial look is preferred. The light wooden floor has a light and airy look and the frame is sleek and simple. A few industrial-style nightstands can accommodate a few items like a bookcase, a set of small side tables, a set of small poufs or a side table and a lamp.

In case you have a lot of space to work with in the bedroom and you prefer a compact look rather than a huge furniture piece like an armoire or a dresser, consider combining a dresser with a storage rack or a bookcase. The combination looks particularly good here where several drawers of different heights can be used to store a few belts, watches, bags, etc.

In the bedroom you can definitely use lots of storage capability and the nightstands can be used to display or storage necessities such as scarves, hats, scarves collection etc. the nightstands can also be used as benches and you can have a conversation going at the same time.

Every room has its own set of nightstands. These seem like like the perfect additions for the nook between the desk and the window or the space above the bed. They make the bedroom feel warm and comfortable without taking up precious floor space.