In a room with blue walls, the furniture is neutral with small touches of color. For example, my grandma often has a vivid room with yellow, blue cushions and orange features. All these features are unique and no matter the room’s colors you wish to decorate it or what you do intend to do. For example take a color like blue on the walls. It creates depth and an airy feel in the room. Also, because blue is usually a boy’s color, you can create a nautical theme with navy and dark blue and still have a very nice balance. Take a look at these examples of navy blue rugs for living rooms and see what better transfers your style from those to a marine themed room.

The blue rug is a very nice detail that would look great on any kind of rug, especially if it has a navy blue rug. The furniture is also blue in some cases and the walls are beige or cream, but in general the color is soft and very faint. This is a great example of how to combine the style of a room with the purpose, meaning that you don’t necessarily have to overdecorate the décor, so the blue rug alone actually helps.

I really like the fact that the rug only covers a portion of the wall, so not completely, but still, extremely well proportioned and nice features. Also, the image that is painted on the walls is slightly emphasized. This way the rug calms the eye and it’s actually a very nice detail that can be very helpful sometimes. However, don’t exaggerate and turn your house into a cozy home. There are some very cool ways to do this.

As for the overall design of the room, here’s what you might want to keep in mind: the color of the walls should be white, except for the details and decorations. For example, the airy and light-colored flooring seems like a very good choice. The entryway is also a great idea. If you want to maintain an airy and clear look, you can opt for a more casual and light tone of blue or something simpler like a grey. And, of course, you can try a simple and neutral color scheme. It’s what works for certain rooms. For example, the bedroom is a great place for a blue themed area rug.