The “V” lounge style is probably the most obvious choice for a living room. It’s basically a sitting room, usually composed of a sofa and a coffee table. There are numerous possible combinations of colors. You can go for a neutral tone for the walls and a mid tone for the ceiling, maybe even a shade that’s pleasant for the eyes.

The contrast that can be created between these colors is often a lot of different shades of blue. Blue is a strong color so it’s hard to work with it when you’re an artist. The biggest challenge is using such a strong color to create distinct and interesting contrasts and focal points and effects. Jeff Zimmerman Architecture was ingenious when designing this particular lounge area.

Royal Blue Living Room Sets For Sweet Southern Summer Style Photo 2

The dark blue walls create a very nice and cozy atmosphere. The furniture is simple and usually has a neutral white finish but the walls are still a beautiful element. The breezy white curtains have a similar effect. The sinuous and curved lines of the furniture make this living room a very comfortable and pleasant space, perfect for relaxation. The huge windows have been strategically placed throughout the rooms to allow natural light to get in and beautiful views and light well into the room. The nice color of the walls complements the dark décor nice. A small area rug separates the remaining little spaces from the area that contain the rest of the furniture. The strong contrasts that have been created all work together to create a very warm and cozy decor and a very welcoming ambiance. Check out the cottage by The Land of Nod for more great design ideas.