When decorating the living room there’s more space and it’s also easier to arrange all the furniture. For example you only have to purchase one sofa and arrange it in a wide open space. Space isn’t an issue as long as you utilize the elements and adapt them to your needs. Regardless of what an interior designer says, there’s always room for improvement. Take a look at this marine-inspired living room for example.

The living room features a blue sofa facing the orange wall and sitting beside a round reflection in the wall that also features a small area rug. The three large windows allow the blue to continue along the same color. The walls are painted in a warm tone of pearl.

The walls have also been decorated with a few blue photos and artwork. The furniture features some modern pieces. The walls have a crisp white look. The couches are very comfortable and great for relaxation.

Royal Blue Living Room Set Photo 3

The living room also features piano stands that help create a cozy atmosphere. And whenever you feel free, you can play with the décor and the music. It’s a very nice entertainment space. And the fact that it has floor-to-ceiling windows definitely helps out.

Royal Blue Living Room Set Photo 5