There are many rooms in the house, especially living rooms, where windows are smaller and usually for decorative purposes, but not in a traditional way. There are more living room curtains available than the smaller bedroom curtains. I personally like having blue curtains because it remind me of the deep and big lake, the days of the “Mediterranean”, my favourite place to go and feel perfect and make you feel like a king or queen. Of course, you must make the right decision when choosing the curtains for your living room or even for your bedroom.

Just take a look at this beautiful design. The blue curtains are a representation of royal blue which is a nuance very indicated by the blue water background. That makes this living room so original and very beautiful. The blue curtains can be bought from many retailers , especially for $3.25.

The blue curtains are a perfect choice for a beach house, because they offer privacy and don’t let all your friends and family unnoticed. They are very simple and beautiful, even though they look very intricate. So if you’re looking for a special home decor design, this is the place to go.