The living room is usually the central décor in any home, the space where friends and family come together. But while the living room might seem like such a personal space, it’s actually better off than the other rooms with plenty of décor options. You get to choose your own style and chromatic palette and gold and blue combinations can be very versatile. They’re a beautiful combinations of two very different elements: the color and the mood.

You can instantly tell that a combination of colors works well together. This traditional living room features two toned gold walls complemented by a cozy traditional sofa. The décor is very balanced and elegant. The colors are warm, organic and they’re usually composed of beige and brown.

You can also create subtle contrast through a rich shade of burgundy or red. The combination is still pleasant. The sinuous curves and delicate lines work well in combination with the rich brown leather finish.

If you really want to go all out, the traditional living room is a good idea. This is a traditional living room that suits traditional decors. The fireplace is absolutely gorgeous and so is the accent wall. The traditional living room is a nod to the past without being necessarily characterized by anything.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

Royal Blue And Gold Living Room Make For A Splash Of Color Photo 4

Royal Blue And Gold Living Room Make For A Splash Of Color Photo 5