A house without nails is not a house without style. There is a pattern in every room and every corner of our house become an afterthought. The furniture design we have become so accustomed to in our homes means elegance, high quality materials, timeless design. Rustic scenes are always present in the design and they usually gain more attention. A rough looking old worn piece of furniture is often the inspiration for a newly finished piece of furniture. This living room furniture design shows us that old and forgotten styles can be revived in a surprising style.

An old wooden chest became the main element in this rustic living room décor. It has a distressed finish covered with woven straws, just like the living room itself. These old wooden elements have also been included in the new design, now with the same sobriety, the chest looking like new.

These sliding doors were originally made to close the living room. However, with a modern touch, it is still a surprise for anyone who sees it. The door is moveable and allows you to open or close it. The walls have also been covered with wooden panels, being reminiscent of the sliding wooden panels we used to have inside the house.{found on mymodernmet}.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Living Room Furniture Design Photo 3