All colors are nice when paired with different tones or when used creatively. The combination is very nicely balanced and the result is always successful. Today we’re going to present you a very colorful living room design that combines red, yellow and turquoise. The result is a dynamic and cheerful décor, full of tones and combinations. These combinations are particularly successful when combined with light colors like white.

The key to successful use of this color duo is knowing how to create a stronger contrast between colors and how to create a more dynamic effect. The bold shade of yellow is definitely the focus but there are also other colors which can be used to create this look. For example, red is a very strong color so it may not be the best option in certain areas of the house. Tall red ceilings are one of my favorite.

Red Yellow And Turquoise Living Room Covers Photo 2

A red sofa with high back will always feel lighter and more inviting than a red coffee table with low back, I bet this is how I would describe this Estúdio Guto Requena sofa. I have to admit though that I really like the contrasts between red and white, trying to create contrasts that can be cheerful and cozy. Requina was a project created by Studio MK27 in 2008. Since then, it is available in many colors, including red.

Red Yellow And Turquoise Living Room Covers Photo 4