When decorating the house we all tend to make nonessential personal additions and this is usually where we tend to get overwhelmed by lots of details. A red and white combination is always a good choice, but so is the classic black and white combination. The two look great together and it’s just the right mix to create the main theme of a bedroom, living room decor or even office space.

Cella Cowie’s Icynene Library is an eclectic library and graphic design space. It features red and white striped wallpaper and comes in 2 variants. You can use the same pattern on the wall behind the stairs or on the side tables, the same red and white pattern on the chairs and even get a print on the walls with a unique name wallpapered on the wall. This is an example of eclectic mixture. The two patched leather chairs with the red jeans are also a very nice addition.

Red White Curtains Living Room Design Photo 2

This is such a beautifully red and white decor with elements like this symmetrical furniture layout where the table and the two armchairs are one and the same and two pale-colored chairs that go really well with the rug and the walls decorated with red and white flowers and also with these cute red and white lamps. Another very beautiful aspect of this room is the way the curtains and the bed skirt highlight the texture of the wood. Also, all of the furniture pieces have unique details and this allows the rest of the room to remain bright and airy. Also, it’s nice to add a touch of color with the colored pillows on the sofa, the coffee table, the lampshade and the decorations on the shelves. Check out this article on the Homedit.com if you want more details and ideas about this room.

Red White Curtains Living Room Design Photo 3