When you think of the people who had the success to invade all these places, you think of history and history. So you notice the way they used all kinds of techniques and materials, but, in the same time, they used on order to embellish each each object, to make it so embellished that even the smallest possible living room could have cozier atmosphere. The pictures present different ideas of living rooms, but the impression is that of the living room of a big city, with the rich furniture and colours, that make you feel of freedom and risks, with lively patterns and symbols. But these pictures show different pictures of the same hotel rooms, the same style, but suggesting a marked atmosphere, perfect for living there.

I like the modern furniture and the room with mosaic walls because I remember the old films where all we can see is dead bodies, with bright, strong colours that make them look so beautiful. There are some coloured details in some rooms, too, like the light fixtures, the tables, the bed and the carpet or the light fixtures. But the general picture is in those of a calm and comfortable place where you can do whatever you want there.

As for the tables from the movies, I like the ones in the movies, simple and modern, with some coloured details, just like the ones from the candlestony, where the black usually makes you think of those old movies where the black was making the things that you see and admire only to discover the details of the lives that have no life in their place. Take a look and make yourself a some special place to live in, near the perfect spot of a crowded city and where you can see so many people gathering to drink a nice coffee and have a pleasant conversation after you have chosen their places.

Red Wall Pictures For Living Room Photo 3