If you are living in a small apartment with two or even three rooms, you’d better aim to create a familiar and comfortable living room design. In this case you would need to keep a pleasant décor that would blend with the rest of your furniture. Red is a very forgiving color and it will always make things seem even better.

First of all, you should consider a simple and already versatile color like red. It’s a warm color like red which can blend with almost any shade. Then you would have to choose the wires and wires and then the rest of the room. You can choose to match the red wall color with the floor or with some elements in the house such as the pillows, the wall art and the throw pillows. Other colors that would work well are peach, lemon and burgundy. If you would like to make things more specific, you can also use blue and yellow as your colors of choice. But be careful, because you’ll have to mix and match them up like a rug, and you’ll probably want to keep your accent color.

Other colors like soft blue and turquoise can be also be a good choice to use. By mixing them in the same color family you can make the room feel a little more casual and relaxing. But be careful, because mixing and matching is not always what you should do. You want the room to feel inviting and cozy, not like a hospital. Still, if you want to avoid making the room seem cluttered just make sure you balance out everything.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.