Living room for summer is really important. You can enjoy spending time there all summer, but you have to make sure they are warm, dry and comfortable. For that you need to use big carpets, to use a floor special and invest in big curtains and blinds. Any way, I found one of the most popular rug styles for the summer that works perfectly with the sauna because it brings a special atmosphere, as the steam room. And I found this amazing Red persian rug living room.

It is hand tufted and woven by hand with fine wool and has lots of different types of plants and patterns. I honestly mean there is a variety of plants and patterns and the patterns can be combined if you want to mix the shades of red and white and maybe add a little variation on the fireplace design. If you prefer the traditional tones of red and green and match them with the sea-colored furniture, you can choose the different geometric shapes.

Red Persian Rug Living Room Photo 4

The six graphic patterns cover the rugs and have in common the rectangular shapes:. One of them is the one that faces the fireplace, another one the other one the other one that dispenses natural light. Hanging cushions and musical instruments under the carpets create a colorful area of the living room. The second pattern is the one that is spread over the living room, so makes you think about an orchestra that has seen many and many conflicts.