Every now and then, the fashion and design trends are ever changing and on new, contemporary trends you see eye catching artwork, eye worthy lighting, interesting furniture but you still feel like home. This living room is a modern and colorful one. Featuring a beautiful oriental rug you can see how a happy small corner has been transformed into a stylish lounge. The traditional furniture has been combined with an unusual red and black floor. The walls of this public space are kept simple, with a neutral sofas, a long colorful upholstered dress being only an accent feature.

The sofas create the perfect seating spot for the young and preoccupied couple. Their large collection of flowers and various sizes shapes the perfect design. The sofas are the only element which articulates the bedroom, the gallery. The color palette contains warm shades of gray and white. Most of the furniture is white, except the stools. In other details, black and white are visible. In the middle of the room, additional storage can be found.

The sofauna is very elegant, featuring a chic metallic structure which matches the overall design. The long green seat is the perfect background for the black accent chair. A set of small side tables serve as a work surface and, behind a glass door, there’s storage space for plants and decorative items.

Red Oriental Rug Living Room Design In Paris Photo 4