The color red is a very bold color and it’s a very functional substitute to simple colors like white or beige. It’s a nice accent color for the living room but it can also be used in the bedroom and even the kitchen. This indoor collection ofliving room furniture from Living are available in four basic color palettes: off-white, gray and black. The furniture collection has a modern and simple look and it would look nice in either décor.

All the pieces from this collection have a modern and minimalist design and simple patterns. The overall image combined with the color palette is elegant and modern. The pieces from this collection are made on the cotton gypsum sofa. The cover is easily removable and machine-washable. The covers are available in two sizes: medium/English tea and powder room tea. The prices vary between EUR 667.17 – EUR 479.17.

Red Microfiber Living Room Furniture Set Photo 2