The owner of this exceptionally elegant apartment, Elana Vasil, designed them with some very specific in mind: “to make it as functional and as inviting as possible,” one the customers says. And so the designers had to team up with the owner to create a very clear line of vision and aesthetics between the spaces. The design also involved a specialty carving of the walls to suit the owner’s taste.

The original intention was to get a more spacious living room, so the team working at this project had to find a way to carve out the volume that had the effect of bringing light into the original apartment while preserving the open feel. And in order to do, walls were carved to match the carpets.

And there you have it. a splendidly edited list of interior designs and decorates. There’s now a soothing, open and airy living room, a chic dining area with under floor heating, a koi pond, a modern shower and this wonderful collection of suitcases, vintage suitcases and porcelain coconut candles. There are a lot more options to choose from here, we’re just here to make you curious.

Red Living Room Sets For Sale In New York Photo 3