Called “Red Carrera,” is a very effective name chosen by studio Rafael de Cardenas architects for a range of reasons. Just like the jeans, the sofa from this collection was designed with a very specific look in mind. As you can see for yourselves from the pictures, the sofa and armchairs have handles which allow you to take them out, then to put them back and reassemble them, each in its own unique spot.

The dynamic design of this furniture range separates it from the typical furniture that balconies have. Well, this may be true, but not the most realistic of the boxed and not the most common choice for such spaces. The scale of the collection is impressive. The sofa from the Planchonella collection was designed to look like a huge champagne crate and we can clearly see that this one is made using thin materials and with a rather rugged look.

It’s been parked tightly with the use of wheels. All the containers have been stacked and the platform has been designed with the same minimalistic design. I really like this collection. It allows you to basically reorganize any surface from any space, even a living room. The furniture from the barber shop offers maximum functionality. The furniture from the living room is not just for the living room, but also the barber shop. It can be sued as a home office, but also as a place where people can drink their morning coffee in the morning.