The key to having two living rooms in your home is to have a common room. This means that two spaces can form part of the same room and that the décor needs to be balanced. For example, your living room would look like this. It’s a combination of white walls, white flooring and furniture and the focal point would be the living room. The secret is to use warm color tones and materials.

The Alexander White living room set is a perfect example for this. It looks so light and yet so pure and yet so elegant. The living room has a sofa with white fabric and white wooden furniture so that stands out instantly. The fireplace is a very common and beautiful focal point and the room also seems airy and bright. The result is a very inviting and chic living room. Pair this with white sofas and large windows and curtains.

The AlexanderWhite living room set includes three unique living room furniture pieces. There’s the sofa with wood panels upholstered in rich brown, the club chair/ sofa, the dining room/ sunroom/ terrace and the coffee table. All of these pieces share a minimalist design with clean lines and thin forms. They all have sleek leather upholstery and a strong and durable structure.

Red Leather Living Room Set Of Three Rooms By Perk Photo 3

The AlexanderWhite living room set includes a modern fireplace, a coffee table made from the same wood model and white upholstered furniture. The living room also includes a dining table with the same type of top but the table made from the same combination of wood and white upholstery. The living room is then connected to the kitchen via a dark glassed wall. On the opposite side of the room there’s the bedroom which has a round table with a round pedestal table speckled with two white chairs.