Living rooms usually need some accessories because the space is so small you need to take a few and maybe also remove others, but this time it’s not such a big effort because instead it’s just another decorative thing. This is the design of this red leather couch that seems to be floating above the white floor. I really like the red cushions that seem so thin and elegant but also with small red pillows that are the focal point in the room.

The couch is all red and all colored, starting from the red for the walls and continuing in the shape of a couch. That strikes the pure and clear simplicity of all the details, as if everything needs to be taken into consideration. First you trace the lines on the white surface, so you will need to use a pen to trace the lines immediately, but this should be done with a pencil. Then you paint the existing table on the left with two coats, you move on to the right and you will be surprised at how quickly your work will be done.

The red and white combination sometimes is the best choice, because you get a furniture piece that provides a modern look. But I think the other way of choosing this combination is more suitable for living rooms. You could add a nice big mirror if you like on the walls, as well as other decorations for the room. But usually mirrors are only a surface of measure for furniture pieces. So a coffee table with a round shape and two or more round armrests is just not the look you had in mind.{found on 17apart}.

Red Leather Couch Living Room Photo 3