Living rooms are a major part of any home, no matter it’s modern or traditional. The living room is the place where you feel most important, the place where you receive the noise and guests come to spend the entertainment of the chamber. It’s mainly the place where you store all the little knick knacks that have just been bought from shelves. The furniture pieces and accessories should be, first of all, modern and practical.

This is a combination of most modern pieces of furniture that are also very safe. The combination of the white background that has no decorations, but is painted in black and the use of laminated wood for the hanging was a great choice, as the atmosphere is very welcoming and stylish.

The most important piece of furniture in this room is the famous black sofa that is carefully incorporated in a beautiful pale grey wall. The sofa is perfect for any living room, as it has a modern design, but it creates a nice contrast with the white wall. The TV is mounted on the edge of the wall and it is placed in the corner, where there is plenty of space. On the right side of the sofa there is a small table with chairs for a seating arrangement.

The classic element is the round mirror with floral motives and, at the base of the sofa, there is an open tr Michelin-starner table made in the middle of the living room.{found on lof}.