Red is a color that is usually associated with passion and romance. But it can be both nice and tricky to combine the shades. A color like red will make your living room seem more cheerful and dynamic. The color is often used in moderation so it should be used as an accent color only if absolutely necessary.

To get the best color combination for the living room you need to start with the walls. The walls should be bright so you can write the door and the curtains. For the furniture you can use patterned carpet or bright and suiled colors to emphasize the atmosphere.

The furniture is a red wall unit with large cushions and a rug. To continue along the same a different colors should be used but not too bold. If you want to go for a more serious atmosphere try a velvet upholstered furniture set for the armchairs and coffee table.

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The door is also an important element in any living room’s décor. In here, a painting or artwork can be used to draw attention to the doorway. The picture/the painting can be red or blue but not too bold so you’re best suited for darker colors, just to avoid unwanted attention. It should also be a way of introducing color into the room, either through the accent wall paint or a wall décor color or simply through the framed painting on the wall.

A sofa or sectional can be easily stacked against the wall and used as a focal point for the living room. The seating area won’t be crowded and you won’t have to remove the cushions for a more subtle contrast. To maintain a more minimalist look, use simple but eye-catching cushions with simple designs and patterns.

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Here’s another contrasting combination of colors. As you can see, even a light colored wall can visually stimulate the eye, if you add a few decorations on the wall such as a green ruler, a painting displayed on the coffee table or a striped area rug. The colors are not always the same and it can be interesting to analyze a room divided into four main areas for living and working.

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