We all have personal things which do not fit in a permanent home. But there are also other pieces of furniture that can be useful and do not have a separate function. For example a sofa could be used as extra seating when guests are staying for dinner or in other situations. Or a chair could be placed where a comfortable chair would fit better in the living room and the two of you can use for different activities.

An extra seating might be the perfect thing to add to a living room where there are no users. The same goes for chairs. They could be placed in front of the sofa to use them or helped on the small side table. All these little things can get in the way when you have a sofa. The problem is that most people try to find solutions for the small spaces. But some other pieces of furniture can be more useful and could save a lot of space.

Take a look at this wonderful chair. It is called Tulip and its name seems inspired by its Tulip chair. It looks comfortable, elegant and offers you the feeling of a woman floating in the atmosphere of a ballu, surrounded by a multitude of little people. It offers an oasis of relaxation, a perfect place for reading a book or just resting your feet for a while.

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This recliner chair is made of microfiber and has a fabric upholstery.It is a comfortable chair and you can use it with a soft seating or for relaxing by the swimming pool.It is made of microfiber and has a nice tulip shape. You can hang it by the linen cord or buy it with the chair.Starting from fifty$.

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