Living rooms are usually perceived as being the center of attention, the easy place where people go to eat and sleep. So it’s important to have the right color for the living room. Red is a very powerful color and it can be really relaxing when you sit in a blanket in the middle of the day. It has a royal feel and it looks very chic and stylish. Red is also a warm color so it can be combined with lots of other shades. Here are a few inspiring tips that could help you create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your living room.

1. The light neutral shades.

If you want to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your living room, then you should choose a color palette that has less than perfect symmetry. However, dark shades should be avoided because they create a harsh and hospital look. However, if it’s a light neutral shades then the atmosphere will be better.

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2. The fun tones.

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The first rule about using colors is to use faded colors. This way you get to have a nice transition with the rest of the shades. You can also opt for pastels or bright shades. Old wallpapers would also be a nice idea. They’ll give the living room a vintage feel.

3. The neutrals.

The name is not as strong as in the case of bathrooms but it’s very apparent. We’re not going to mention monotonous rooms because that’s not how it should be. The best place for a soothing and relaxing atmosphere is away from all the noise and hustle from the living room. So make sure you choose a soothing color palette because it will help you achieve that.

4. The color shades.

The color you choose for the living room for the last thing when you want to relax and unwind is the color you feel comfortable with. If you want a chic and elegant décor for the living room, then choose soothing and pleasant tone of cream blue. If you want something more vibrant yet calm, opt for strong shades of aqua or yellow. You can also opt for colors that have a beautiful starburst design or something more eye-catching.

5. The beach décor.

Of course, there’s also the possibility of having a beach-themed living room décor which is great if you want to get the feeling of luxury and relaxation during the beach. This can be achieved by using turquoise as the main color. For that you’ll need sea-inspired color toned medium. You could paint the walls turquoise, use picture windows or completely cover the ceiling and even the furniture.

6. The rusticism.

One of the best things about rustic living rooms is that they’re always inviting. It’s because everything is natural and there’s nothing to make them uncomfortable. However, that’s not what you should try and use in your home. It’s better to try to hide the imperfections and to try to create a rustic décor in only one of the elements. For that, you’ll need to opt for natural materials and colors.

8. The kitschy look.

A home that has not been good to moss ortreated has become a creepy, plain space that makes you feel suffocated by all sorts of little things. Don’t try to hide the ugly features. Instead, make the space look warm and cozy. You can do this in other ways.

9. The unfinished, raw look.

If you prefer something less rugged and dramatic, perhaps a makeover. Give your living room an unfinished look by painting the walls in a contrasting color. The brick walls stand out but so do the light wooden surfaces. The décor will start to make sense.

10. The starburst appeal.

This is one of the most romantic styles. The centerpiece of this room is an intricate starburst mirror with lots of ornate details inside it. The orange shade is a funky but non-fussy substitute. Place both rods the center of the mirror and turn the whole room upside down so the flowers are displayed on the walls.

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