When decorating a living room there’s rarely a good choice of colors. The décor is not always what is required, in case you’re facing a dark floor for example. That usually means a simple and neutral color scheme. It’s why some combinations of color and pattern are more suitable than others. For example, red and white striped curtains can really create a vintage or traditional look.

All the curtains have a strong vintage charm. They are very easy to install and they instantly change the décor and the atmosphere in the room. Red is a sumptuous color but it’s also a warm color. It adds elegance to any room. So if you want to obtain a vintage or even a classical look, you would have better chances to use this shade that usually suggests a classical design, maybe one that combines the idea with the modern details.

Red And White Living Room Curtains Photo 2

So in case you want to achieve a classy, sophisticated and chic look, you can opt for red curtains. They will most likely only help you and not for your guests. This way you save a lot of energy and even though red is a cold color it can also be a nice choice for the kids’ room, maybe friends’ bedrooms or just because it can be a part of some relaxing and playful décors.

Even though red is not a very active color it can be a wonderful accent shade that can be used as a wall color in the form of curtains, furniture, pendant lights, artwork or even for the walls of a living room. Explore whether using red in the bedroom or in the living room as an accent color for the walls of a large room or allow it to be simple and versatile as you want it to be. If an accent wall is always boring, use some wallpaper or maybe a pattern to change that. Wallpaper is a nice choice that brightens up the whole room.

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