When we decorate our home, we usually think of things that can make our home more beautiful, more interesting and that can improve our lives. This is usually met with adorning the rooms with antique furniture and out-of-the-box decorations. Sometimes it’s more illuminating and fun to go back to the classics. However, if you want something different, without returning to the classics, you might want to try something newer.

If you prefer a very simplistic approach, you might want to consider the following living room decor ideas. They might not always look sophisticated but they are achievable and they offer a nice balance. Notice the vintage and retro colors are really chic. Take for example the blue sofa that contrasts with the white walls and it’s difficult to see the resemblance given the dynamic of the decor.

Red And Turquoise Living Room Decor With A Retro Look And Lots Of Character Photo 2

To avoid creating a monotonous and depressing decor, you can try using white as the main color. You can create a gallery wall decorated with colorful and bright pieces that appear to compete with everything else in the room. Then there are also all the other colors you can use to your advantage to create a shaded and visible space that can be used as a sort of tranquil focal point.

Red And Turquoise Living Room Decor With A Retro Look And Lots Of Character Photo 3

The combination between a neutral gray background and some colorful pieces creates a very harmonious impression. The large chocolate brown framed mirror, the long wooden table with a chocolate brown finish and the orange chairs are the perfect focal points that add color to a modern interior.

If you want to create a playful, fun and interactive ambiance, you can use contrasting colors. A set of ombre wall art can help you do that, along with themed supplies such as vases filled with colorful flowers, green plants and decorations made of paper.

On the other hand, if there’s just a lot of color to work with you can use shadow boxes. They can cover a wall in any room and can serve a very interesting way of creating new focal points. Imagine these on a bed’s head or on a sofa, on a reading nook or the armchair. You just have to find the idea that has magicalpowers.

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