These days we all want to have a harmonious place, that is our home. Here is a stylish décor for a twin sized room. The color is simple and very pleasant and the pieces only need to be functional whether that is a living room, bedroom or study. The good thing about this type of projects is that there are lots of ways of putting your own style on your living room floor.You can easily make your own lamp in the same time. It will look soft and relaxing and it will solve your problem of finding that calm corner where you want to read, to be more secure and to feel like you have your own space. A similar technique is used for a table lamp because it’s the only one of them.

Not only that it’s a new kind of light, but it’s also a very nice project and you can learn how to do it at home. There are all sorts of combinations you can create and take apart. For example you can mix and match them and arrange them your own way so you can personalize and solve your own problems.{found on build-basic}