Living room is the central point of all interiors and also of the living room’s design and this is the reason why the designer Robert Konieczny came up with several color combinations. As you can see from the pictures, the living room design is a combination of red and brown and also features some white pieces of furniture for contrast. The designer chose to use elegant red and brown colors for the furniture and chrome utensils to create a united and visually imposing design.

The living room is an open space, but because of the existence of a window and the floor, the atmosphere is airy and have a relaxing feel. Although the walls are painted beautifully, the furniture is all white, with some tones of brown that are constantly used to create this atmosphere. The picture of the living room also shows us that there’s a TV inside too, but the is not. I would say that it’s much more functional and practical that the living room.

Red And Brown Living Room Designs Photo 2

The kitchen is modern and simple, with lots of storage space and also with built-in appliances. The lamp from the kitchen is very simple, but functional. All in all, great.{found on dezeen}.

Red And Brown Living Room Designs Photo 4