All people like to have a nice home, whether it is big or small, but if you want to be able to feel like home every time you want to, you should choose a room that is not too spacious and crowded. It is not necessary for a room to be very small in order to feel airy and cozy, but you do not want the living room to be too much. You just want it to be nice and to have nice furniture. This Living Room set from Crate&Barrel is perfect for any living room. The set comes in dark finish in a patinated brown finish and anodized-hewn, solid wood.

The set is perfect for any living room and it has a very simple design, yet very soft and elegant. The pieces seem very soft and you can tell that was inspired from the “tree of a deserted mountain with many lights”. It is a very functional and practical piece of furniture that still maintains its modern design. The set includes four chairs and an armchair. They can be ordered in regular and irregular patterns and they are available for $99 each.

Red And Black Living Room Set Photo 2

Red And Black Living Room Set Photo 3