Since the kitchen is a place designed to spend time in a lot of different ways, you will probably find it harder to maintain a nice home here. The rooms tend to feel smaller and filty than you’d like. That is why purchasing decorative items for your living room is often very helpful. With this special item, you can turn any regular room into a living room.

Designed by the young architects fromMoscow, Design Command Center (CL] is a complete set of furniture that fulfills your needs. It fulfills all the conditions for a living room, but it should also be used for cooking, speaking in a pleasant manner and its surface can hold a lot of things. There are a lot of things that you can use it for. First of all , it saves a ton of space. Then it is a lot more practical and functional than a regular dining room table.

In the living room is a lot of walking paths and individual elements that you need to take care of. That is why people use them for dining, too. There are a lot of cabinets and closets in there, but somehow I like a combination of white and black here.The red table top is really great and the chairs are great too. Not only can you find a bad working surface when you are in kitchen, but a red table top is just awesome and the glasses can be stored there too. This way you will not have to keep them all in one place when you go upstairs.{found on thedesigninc}.

Red And Black Furniture For Living Room Photo 3

Red And Black Furniture For Living Room Photo 4