The key to decorating a living room with a comfy and inviting interior, not only implies decorating the walls in a typical modern way, but also introducing an array of color and texture into the space, softening the impact of any otherwise neutral design theme. Red is one of the most powerful colors, so a couch in such a décor should be invited to this room by the presence of some colorful flash hags, chandeliers and posters.

The vivid reds introduced by the fireplace instantly draw the eye’s attention and make this room feel more warm, like a cozy home. The Drapes and Soft Vases by the fiery orange Valsablow series are combined with the vivid reds introduced by the side table and the curtains, creating the perfect picture for a bright and inviting interior design.

The main colors used are a refreshing tone of turquoise, very reminiscent of the beach and very elegant and stylish. In addition, the blue sofa is the perfect touch for a bold and outdoor space, perfect for entertaining n the warmest of seasons.

Red Accent Chairs For Living Room Photo 3

The Monochromatic kitchen and dining room are examples of kitchens that use shades of red as an elegant way to create a fresh and dynamic atmosphere. The red is also used subtly in combination with off-white and bright neutrals.

Red Accent Chairs For Living Room Photo 4

Red Accent Chairs For Living Room Photo 5