Every now and then, people realize that it is not enough to have a mirror, so they try to invent all kinds of mirrors, from one that looks like an ordinary piece of furniture to another that is both practical and stylish. In this case we have a special piece called Rectangle Mirror. It is a piece of furniture that has a combination of vintage and industrial pieces of furniture, all with the exact design that will catch your eye and will leave you speechless.

As you can see, the mirror has a rectangular shape that meets in the middle. It faces the living room beautifully and it is framed by vintage and antique pieces of furniture. The oriental details add some touch of culture and surprise your eyes, despite the old and plain design style. The living room is an open space that also includes the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen has white cabinets so that they face the beautiful white dining table and the living room has a modern fireplace, perfect for spending time with the family.

The Rectangle Mirror has a square shape and a minimalist design, which can come in handy when you are in a hurry or simply need some discrete light. Furthermore, the mirror can be rotate 360 degrees. Make the choice: oval or square, depending on your preferences. The mirror is available in many colors.