The location of this house was already very interesting. It is located in Fujiwaramuroyama, Japan and was a project by Mount Fuji Architects Studio. It was a clear expression of the culture and influence from Japan, often also seen as ethnic, a mental symbol. At first, I imagined this house as a black box with all the big windows opening to the sky. But with time it started to change its playful role and became what is now a strong and dynamic local influence that adapted to the new location.

The house was built on a narrow inner road, in Tokyo. The original house, the two houses in the market area, occupied a total of r.22 m. in width. The new design of the house brought more space on the ground and also freed the back corner completely. It was also extra wide and spacious. Since the site was very small, the architects had to find a way of incorporating as much space as possible on the back yard. They came up with the idea of an extension of the back yard, which was more appropriate for the client’s request.

The extension was built using Corten steel boards and fiber cement paneling. It was prefabricated in Toronto and it was a low-finished project. The beauty of the whole project could also be admired by the other owners that worked inside the project. They are now happy that they didn’t have to pay ex. a very expensive team but they still enjoy working with us and enjoying the project, even though it took longer than they wanted.

Rear Living Room Fifth Wheel House By Mount Fuji Architects Studio Photo 3