The living room is the place where people go to spend some relaxing moments in front of the computer, with their friends, or having a discussion about games or simply talking. Most people use a sofa, sometimes two people, sometimes just one or two chairs. But if you use a camo sofa you will have the perfect relaxing place for these moments.

The designers from Project Run along with the guys from Recreate and created a sofa that is perfect for these guys. The camo sofa is a sofa cushion that is made of a lot of classified fabric. It is made of woven cover that is impregnated inside and secured by some very resistant straps and fix fittings. So, this sofa cushions is strong enough to be cleaned, but also light enough to move around the house and to support the body when you sit down.

Realtree Camo Living Room Set Photo 2

If excursion is not part of your routine this sofa may be the best place to visit it. The set includes a sofa, two chairs, a side table and a sun screen. The materials used and the design are really impressive, offering a modern and luxury experience. The funny design and the wonderful elements that can be noticed from up there, like the little sweets that you can find all over the place.Available for 89.92 euros.

Realtree Camo Living Room Set Photo 3