It’s difficult to make a small space seem large when you have limited floor space. But when you also need to work with a small room, the trick is to opt for a study, a bedroom, a hallway and at least one empty corner. All of these spaces would look beautiful in a living room and since the floor space is limited, these spaces should look spacious. To avoid a cluttered look you can use mirrors.

The living room is one of the spaces where the owners can choose to raise their chin to eye, like in a painting. Choose wide windows with marvelous lighting to take advantage of all the natural light. You could also opt for a bar and perhaps even a fireplace, since the room is in the corner of the day.

The design of the living room needs to be simple since the furniture is usually minimalist. The corner of the living room you choose to have in the living room should allow you to create the perfect amount of storage, to be space-saving and to also enhance the overall décor.

Even though the living room is not a continuous space, you can make it part of a more complex space by opting for contrasts. For example, the corner of the room with the windows arranged side by side is a great use of the room. The windows can also serve as space divider in a casual, cottage-style décor.

It’s common to prefer traditional decors with neutral colors such as beige or black. too much black here. It’s sad actually. However, there are ways to integrate a colorful décor in a traditional living room without making it look overwhelming.

The key is not to turn the whole room upside down. One way to do that is to use color to highlight the main color elements in the décor. Try to use similar color tones and shapes but in different textures and shades of one or more colors. Also, try to create focal points with an unusual shape, an interesting lighting fixture, an interesting combination of furniture pieces and other elements.

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