The Bucharest-based Ministry of Design has created a working inspiration collection to revive a classic by Walter Vershelissandro. Known for his continuous interest in both designing and manufacture of modern items, he is at the cutting edge of his modern creations. The designs are a mixture of originality and fine work. Raimond Felt has been commissioned to create these unique sofas and chairs which revive a classic without giving up its original purpose.

The designer singularises his designs by creating dynamic combinations of two different types of elements. These pieces, the sofa and bed, are part of a collection that attempts to bring the outdoor near and inhabitantly using the traditional umbrella shapes.

At the base of this Monte Carlo collection is the lovely umbrella which is made of felt folds covered in flexible polyurethane foam and upholstered in fine leather. At the second end there is where the designer has developed his vegetable café table, which is inspired by long tables often found in the kitchen.

Rc Willey Living Room Sets: A Modern Twist On A Traditional Style Photo 3

The designer has created a wonderful range of decorative and seating items using felt pieces. Each of them is covered with vellum paper and yellow felt for the base and then upholstered with a black leather rectangle covered by a damper beam and covered by a black felt globe top.

The designs are so beautiful that we would like to offer them as gifts. You are free to create your own versions for Christmas, including designs that fit your own home and of course to make these accessories unique. You don’t have to spend a lot of money anymore, especially if the items are really cheap. There are plenty of ways in which you can recycle felt and make lovely decorations for your home. Instead of spending money on new furniture make it last and last, and try to match the colors used or the pattern used.

Handmade doesn’t always mean cheaper. In this case, sometimes custom made and made by hand. Customized felt patterns can be really expensive and you will also have to pay for transportation costs as well as all the materials you will actually buy. However, if the design and pattern is not to your taste or another material becomes unnecessary.