Australian studio Baenziger Colombo Architect offers the perfect solution for all the issues of the Australian town. They have designed the living room on the inside, and the outdoor one (with outdoor furniture). The living room features modern and geometric design pieces that efficiently and naturally organize the space.

The living room furniture is divided into two zones, one functional and practical and another one, just for decoration items that are meant to be functional, practical and beautiful. The white and blue tones are very expressive when combined with neutral tones. The result is an outdoor design, both functional as well as beautiful.

The main piece is the Chouchin sofa. It has a very simple and basic design, with a white cushioned seat and a light base made of thin wooden rods. It’s complemented by two large pillows. The image is uniform and very beautiful. Considering this, considering that most outdoor furniture is also made of wood, it doesn’t really give any shade or protection from the sun.

Even though the design is reminiscent of the traditional outdoor furniture, this time of the outdoors is more modern. The two tones are very nicely combined and they create a Mediterranean vibe. It’s also an elegant and stylish interior design. It’s simple but with the beautiful colors and very nice and interesting furniture pieces.{pictures from nuevo-estilo}.