When decorating a living room the most important element of the whole process is the aspect that changes the atmosphere and brings out the best in the rest of the furniture and décor. It’s the part of the house that needs to be updated and to be personalized in order to bring the best out of the entire décor. It’s that part of the room that needs to be personalized while maintaining its integrity. It’s not too important to only choose the furniture and everything else but.

Simple, clean and well defined lines are usually the best for a living room décor. Unless you’re working on a traditional project or on large family projects, it needs to be clean and structured. Simple lines are often better to create a casual and relaxed atmosphere through a combination of casual and elegant details.

Since furniture is usually stored somewhere and there are no good options for displaying it, creating a gallery wall is a good idea. It creates a feeling of spaciousness and invites you to enjoy all the pieces that are displayed in your home. You can opt for a collection or you can display individual art pieces and showcase the items that you like best.

A wall of sliding doors can work as a clever way of hiding the items on shelves, near the fireplace or behind sliding doors. This can also be an element for the furniture in the corners of the living room. When all the walls are shut, the room looks and feels airy and spacious. It’s that very type of open space décor that makes it feel cozy. There are plenty of ways in which you can integrate the sliding doors into your living room’s décor without being too invasive.

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