Living rooms usually present large sofa, sofa bed and cozy beanbag chairs and few of these furniture pieces can be seen in the living room. It is not an imaginary series will pass in a living room given its characteristic color, pattern and the furniture piece itself. However, in order to create the sensation of wide space and to maximize the feeling of spaciousness, few designers and interior designers use these type of furniture. The owner of the “ranch” is a young and single couple and so love to have furniture in the living room. So, they decided to use the many baskets, crayons and books that the old one had , to write the names of the former occupants on and also to decorate the walls of the living room.

When they became a family, the family also used to have a ranch in the courtyard. The “ranch” is the type of arrangement that looks more like a ranch, except the fact that instead of furniture, they only use wooden furniture. For example, the family room, dining room, kitchen, and living room are all arranged on the upper level of the ranch, whereas the master suite and second bedroom occupy the second floor. The size of the master suite is 20? x 20? (study).

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Next, the family room is divided into two bedrooms, only one with bed, headboard and dresser, as well as a TV and a bed for two. There is a table and chairs for sitting and lying. The dresser and bed frame are simple, and there is carpet on thePlatform. The kitchen with sink and stove is the most comfortable room of the house, and the room with the fewest accessories is the most used room of the house.

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Last, but not least, the first master suite and second bedroom are adjacent, having similar setups anyway. They are small, but equipped with a variety of things, including a desk and bed, nightstands, a sink and a microwave. On the wall opposite the master bed, a platform has installed wardrobe. Under it, a rolling closet is placed. The bathroom is equipped with a composting toilet and a shower.{found on Skeppsholmen}.

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