It is known the fact that every new generation of people has different tastes, ideas and requirements which change over time. Still, it is easy to realize that a certain style or a model of home can match any preferences or need for comfort and modernity. For example the combination of black and white for the living room is usually preferred because this way the room will blend with the walls and the result will be highly visible. That is why the pallets are a very popular choice in home decor.

As for the model of pallets, they come in more sizes, designs and materials. All these are carefully chosen so that everyone can create his own design that fits the desired needs and looks of the others.

The colors are also chosen according to the close relationship among the user with the pallets. For example, all the wood pallets used by the designer in this project were designed starting with and come from different sources. So you don’t have to their design and look exactly the same for each one of them. You can choose to contrast their colors with one of the colors used for the pallets and use a different color for elements like wallpapers, lampshades or other items.

Colors are also very important for the design. For example, the colors used for the bookshelves and shelving are very common. But for other items like decorations, they are mostly more easy to find. For example, all the woodwork is usually used. But there are also other pieces as well like chairs, even pendant lights. But there are also some tables. They need to match the style of home and also are very popular. Nevertheless, colors are also important.