Living rooms are all around us and they need to offer more than just a place to rest and get the air in your body. You need a space to decorate and a living room can be one of the easier steps towards having a good home. raising a sunken living room meant that we would find ourselves spending more time at the table than in the back! So let’s take a look at some amazing and unusual ways in which the sunken living room can be the focal point of the entire home.

When we think of a sunken living room we don’t necessarily picture it as a large and open space. In fact, a lot of times we don’t consider it a cozy and comfy place. Sitting in a corner of the living room and feeling the warmth and coziness entering your home can be nice and rewarding.

The modern style usually involves a low ceiling and this puts the placement of the lounge and the dining areas directly at the comfort of your home. But the sitting area can be a completely different scenario. Having a sunken living room can be a nice idea if the sitting area is too low and does not have enough space to spare for additional features. The architects prepared everything with a simple layout.

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Then we can also assume that the rest of the house is just like a regular living area in general but can easily take advantage of the minimalist décor that defines everything present in all these areas. The architects wanted to create a calm, calming and relaxing atmosphere in the living room so they organized the space at the center with a large window and sliding doors, allowing natural light to enter the space. The lounge were able to have a big bookcase and a hidden staircase and to gain access to a second dining room. At the top the ceiling features exposed beams, also exposing the lower ceilings. The kitchen can easily accommodate a dining table, a bar and a sitting area and it shares the floor space with the living area.

The second level is the common area that homeowners and guests pass here. High ceilings cross the first floor and the ceiling heights are also doubled here. On the second side, above the common space, there’s a second living room and a second kitchen. This way the owners of the house have more space to play with and have fun coming up with a personalized plan for all the furniture, colors, finishes and accessories. Once again, the designers used bright colors and warm wood tones here and there to highlight the master bedroom which has a super cozy atmosphere thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. Nevertheless, the space has a very elegant and welcoming feel.