Living rooms in general are designed to provoke strong conversations. And designers have come up with numerous modern and unconventional space layouts in which sunken living rooms are the best method in which one can experience the space just like a decor would be. On one hand, the living room has to be interesting so designers have come up with numerous interesting and ingenious idea which they can use in future projects. For example, the designers of this article will use the term “sewed” in their case, in order to name a couple of Australian apartments to be improved.

The ground floor of the Australian residences house features a sunken living room. It’s located in an area with a sloped street and it features a lovely exposed brick wall. The living room features a white brick wall which looks very natural in this context. The wooden floor continues on the second floor of the residence and adds warmth to the space. The built-in furniture and areas and storage create a functional and comfortable interior.

The main floor of the apartment includes three bedrooms, a kitchen and large dining area. All these rooms are organized along the wall oriented to the living room. The built-in shelves hide lots of storage spaces and everything else is perfectly organized. There’s also a staircase that leads to the upper floor. The other two rooms are just as interesting and eye-catching. Here we have a bedroom facing the large windows and panoramic views of the sea, the balcony and the forest beyond. This large space is perfect for relaxation and calm down.