We all enjoy spending time in the middle of nature, on wooden surfaces, near the nature’s abundant vegetation and untouched hills. At that time we could not imagine staying in a house but in a very difficult situation. Now we can enjoy nature with a new and ingenious way of living. Architects from Shubin-Nahomes have created a set of relaxing spaces for all kinds of living types. The Reconstruction Loft was designed to provide a relaxing and harmonious environment in the middle of nature.

The project was realized by J.R. Paterson Architects in Rockmouth, Maine, USA. The firm considered creating an appropriate response to the constantly changing needs and conditions. It would be a relaxing but also entertaining space for every guest and they kind of do think they could achieve their goal.

The lacquered plywood walls were designed to avoid the impact of the natural spread of the ground edge concrete. The floor to ceiling height of the rooms is a factor more than anything else. The reconstruction of the house relies on the thermal mass of wood and concrete and the constantly changing needs of the inhabitants. They can experience the changing seasons and the ways they can adapt to different times of the year.

Raised Ranch Living Room Ideas By Shubin-Nahomes Photo 3

Besides the reconstruction and the replacement of the wooden structure, many other changes were made to the house. The expansion of the site also allowed for an extensive thermal insulated unit to provide all the energy needed for the house. The small amount of snow, mostly located in the western and eastern sides of the house, was removed and the strong winds we received during winter prevented most of the surface of the lot from snowing.