Not all living rooms share the same style or style. However, the ones you choose often feature an element that has evolved over time. The living room, for example, does not have the same style or image. However, it does have character. Old and tradition are reflected in modern designs created particularly for the home.

A living room usually has a color palette based on elegant tones such as brown, beige, gray and white. The main colors sued are friendly and elegant. They are used in combination with contrasting tones such as purple for example and turquoise for that.

Queen Anne Style Living Room Furniture Collection Photo 2

The furniture is usually neutral. The accent pieces are not very eye-catching. Since the chromatic palette is so different from that of all the other rooms, you can usually find ways to integrate different statement pieces like colored vases filled with flowers and different type of curtains. The lighting is also a sort of hybrid element with all sorts of interesting details.

Queen Anne Style Living Room Furniture Collection Photo 3

The little details are not the only elements that matter. The furniture is, of course, simple, modern and often complemented by oversized textures or accessories. The lighting fixtures are often very colorful. They often feature bold shapes Whereas the furniture is simple and neutral. To make the décor look more dynamic it’s often nice to add a third piece such as a pendant lamp. This one is actually a pendant that is anchored on the floor. To access it you have to use the appropriate metallic support.