The first thing that you notice when stepping inside this velvet living room is the incredibly stylish furniture set that extends the space and has all sorts of impressive details. The chairs are no longer just there to hold a bunch of pillows and cushions. They are now extending their spaces and they all take their place under the Grand Trafic that sits high above the floor, clearly. This gives the living room a more spacious look.

The interior is decorated with a nice vintage theme. For example, the liveliness of the furniture choices and the beige and pink colors combined with brown shades on the walls or floor make this living room airy and fresh. The artwork is very beautiful and it finishes the whole room. Not only that, but the two-tone walls and neutral furniture create the perfect balance and the space seems bright and inviting, allowing light to penetrate even more.

Purple Velvet Living Room Chairs Photo 2

The floor is carpeted all the time and this creates a welcoming home. But there’s also another element that makes this living room seem less cold and austere and that’s the fact that the materials used for the flooring were also chosen in this case. The curtains are made of hardwood and have black designed legs. The coffee table and dining chairs have similar designs and designs.

Purple Velvet Living Room Chairs Photo 3