Right in the center of every living room is a warm and cozy place where you can just feel nice and comfortable while you enjoy some quiet moments. Whether you have children or not you certainly need to hear them and this is a constant in our lives. SO in the morning, you can just pay them a visit as well, not to mention that you have your very own place in the house. And if you have a fireplace in your living room, you can use it as a decoration.

If you also want to add a luxury to your living room and want to have plenty of items to place your TV on, something must be purchased. And the best and easiest solution for that is the purple button furniture set. Made out of polyethylene material, this set can be easily adjusted to the right height and the size of the sofa, being able to match the décor. It is easy to adjust and it doesn’t have any buttons which doesn’t contradict its promise. You can touch it and it will sparkle and shine. Because this is not an ordinary sofa, it also has casters.

The fact that this set is not made from plastic, which is not the case for other items, make it sturdy and resistant. If you worry about the fact that it might get damaged, you can immediately cover the issue with something you have measured. The set contains two coordinating units which are also moveable and made of plastic.Available for $195.