Whenever you have guests and want to spend time together, you shouldn’t surprise them with something funny or dramatic. You should just let them enjoy your free time as best as possible. Here’s a perfect example of a very practical and functional living room décor. The leather sofas and the furniture don’t really go together all the time but these contrasting elements, as seems to be the perfect way of complementing each other.

It’s interesting how the two sofas that are directly facing each other with respect are apparently put together and how the décor is balanced. If in the case of the sofa there are two apparently very different and matching pieces, in other case there are also some books or decorative pillows. They are all placed in the corner and by a book. This way the design in which the leather sofa is placed remains and it’s like they are two freshly used in one.

And, of course, the coffee table is the central piece. It has a simple design and it’s made of wood. So it’s not exactly a rough piece and this also means that if anything is broken, it’s a scratch on the table. However, this also means that each time the wood will be reused and it will turn into a fragile material that needs cleaning regularly. So it’s not the most comfortable seating place you could be feeling comfortable in.{found on hisugarplum}.

Purple Leather Living Room Furniture Set Photo 4