People do not gather for even a day at a time because they do not need so much intimacy and privacy. But many of us want that although we are not free for some time, we need some time to do this part. We need time to watch TV or play the game that you do not want to do the next day or when you feel like you are in some unimportant place where is really too crowded.

I know that many of us stay on a Sunday looking after a large screen with some family photos and also you want to show some unvarnished images of the future to come. You living room create a perfect place which is perfect due to its quiet and relaxing atmosphere that seems to inspire you and the freshness and colors that you can see on the walls. These are the characteristics of living rooms, that create the illusion of a larger space and bring more light and a bigger show.

At Vassallei Living Rooms you come across a nice combination of modern and classic that bring color, art and design in a relaxing and comfortable manner. Each living room is characterized by a classic color palette specific to its area of the house, which can be grey or be red, depending on your preferences.

The living rooms in Iakhou near Moscow can be closed off with dividers during the day for a more private setting while on the street side in the evenings the walls of the rooms can be covered in wooden panels or lattes with plants growing on its surface.

Purple Gray Black Living Room Photo 4